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Top 10 Frequently asked questions

  • How to Search Products ?
    • You can simply search products by "Category" or "Brand" or "Product Name" from these red color squared areas shown below.

  • How to add Product to my cart ?
    • You can simply add product to your cart by clicking "Add to Cart" button on each product as shown below.

      Or else you can view Product by clicking "Quick View" button (You can see "Quick View" button when your mouse pointer moves on top of the product) or click on the"Product Name" as shown below.

      Then you can click "Add to Cart" button from the Product View page as shown below.

  • How to view my Cart Items ?
    • You can view your cart by clicking "black cart button in top right corner", also you can see their your cart items quantity.

  • How to Update my Cart Item Quantity ?
    • After you open your Cart enter the Quantity you need in the Quantity field then click "Update" button as shown below.

  • How to Remove Item from my Cart ?
    • You can simply remove item from your Cart by clicking "Remove" button on your Cart Item.

  • How to place an Order ?
    • After you add items to your Cart fill the details shown under the Cart and click "Place Order" button.

  • How to get My Orderd Items ?
    • After you placed the Order you will receive a phone call to confirm your details from the shop as soon as possible. Then your ordered items will be delivered to your address withing two days.

  • Is there any Delivery Charge Included ?
    • Delivery charge may depend on the Distance. Delivery charge will be informed after you confirm your details.

  • Is there any other chargers Included ?
    • Nope. There is no other chargers except Delivery charge.

  • Can I Order Other Items also ?
    • Yes. You can simply go to "Contact Us"page and tell us what u want, We will inform you when we got what you ordered.

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